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Police in Russia arrest man suspected of being notorious “Volga Maniac” linked to 26 killings

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WARNING: Video contains disturbing content not suitable for all viewers.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Russian police arrested a man on Tuesday suspected of killing 26 elderly women, sometimes posing as a social or maintenance worker to enter their homes before strangling them and stealing their valuables, law enforcement agencies said.

Russia's RIA news agency and other state media report that investigators believe him to be the serial killer known as the “Volga Maniac” who preyed on retired women living alone in 12 different regions in 2011-12, most of them near the Volga River.

The agency said it had DNA samples linking the suspect to the killings. He was apprehended at an address in the city of Kazan.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs released footage of a man it said was the suspect admitting to strangling women, a method he described as "quiet, quick and painless for them, I thought."

The was no lawyer seen on the video during the questioning and the ministry did not said if the man was advised to ask for one.

The killer used nearby objects such as a dressing-gown cord and a cable for an iron to strangle victims, RIA reported.

Authorities had offered a reward of up to 3 million rubles for information on his whereabouts and had been looking for him for years.

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